The Supernormal Legacy

Book 1: Dormant

by LeeAnn McLennan

Cover art by Randy Kintz

Cover art by Randy Kintz

When she was just seven years old, Olivia Woodson already knew she was a supernormal, someone with super powers who must protect normals. Then she witnessed her supernormal mother die fighting terrorists, and fear and guilt drove Olivia to cut off all contact with her mother's family and reject her destiny as a supernormal. Now, at 14, she just wants is to live her life as a teenager with her normal father, maybe grow up to be an environmental lawyer or a photojournalist. But when Olivia and her boyfriend, Jack, get caught in the middle of a bank robbery, she must choose between using her supernormal powers or watching the robbers kill innocent people. Olivia's powers awaken, saving the day. She tells herself this is the only time she'll ever use them, but her powers refuse to be contained, forcing Olivia to do what she dreads most - connect with the supernormal side of her family and awaken the power that has been lying dormant inside her.


"The characters are so well developed and realistic that I feel I know them. The plot speeds up to a frenzy for the thrilling conclusion. A thoroughly satisfying read for any fan of YA or superheroes."

-Benjamin Gorman

author of Corporate High School

"Fun, fast-paced, and a great read! Lots of Portland connections here, and I loved finding out about their superpowers. I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book."

-Kate Ristau

author of Shadow Girl

"The heart of this story is familiar; its hero is our neighbor or classmate or even our own self. Olivia is at a crossroads: on one side, her comfortable, normal high school life. On the other, a world of secret power waits for her to tap into...Set against the cloudy, quirky backdrop of Portland, Dormant is a compelling read and a balance or light and dark, just like life it."

-Sarah Jilek,

author of Jaidia

"Dormant is a look into the life that may be hidden right under our noses. Olivia's struggle between fitting in with the normals and supernormals resonates beyond her abnormal abilities, reaching even those without bulletproof armor...sending readers on a thrilling ride."

-Chelsea Bolt,

author of Moonshine

"Dormant had me hooked right from the start. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Action-packed and full of life's struggles, like trying to be someone else or accepting yourself. When I book this book down, the only thought in my mind was, "There has to be more.""

-Abigail Hernandez,

author of Viper's Legacy

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