Not a Pipe Publishing is a small, independent publishing company formed in 2013 and located (fittingly) in Independence, Oregon.  Working with groups like the Willamette Writers, Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, and Literary Arts, Not a Pipe Publishing is committed to supporting fine literature in our region, but we publish authors from as far away as Wisconsin and Maryland and North Carolina, and we sell books all over the world. Focusing on high quality genre fiction for young adult and adult audiences, Not a Pipe Publishing seeks to both entertain and enlighten readers by bringing diverse voices to the market, engaging in the struggle for human rights, and giving voice to deeper truths best expressed through fiction.

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We're looking to grow, so, if you are an author, please check out our submissions page and see if we might be a good home for your next novel!

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Here's who we are:

Benjamin Gorman


Benjamin got involved in the publishing industry because he indie-published his first novel, The Sum of Our Gods, and he learned so much he could use to help other authors break through and get their books into readers' hands. He envisions Not a Pipe Publishing as a mechanism for collaboration between a group of carefully selected, talented authors who can help one another promote the very best literature they can bring to the market. 

Benjamin is a member of the National Writing Project's Writers Council. His novel Corporate High School is an Amazon Best Seller. 

When he isn't writing or working to promote writing, he's teaching high school students about reading and writing. Sometimes he gets to teach adults about writing, too. He's heavily involved in the fight to save public education. He blogs at

Follow him on twitter at @teachergorman, and Like his Facebook page at Benjamin Gorman's Novels.

Sydney Culpepper.JPG

Sydney Culpepper

Assistant Submissions Editor and Assistant Marketing Director

Sydney hails from Klamath Falls, OR, and is a recent graduate of Western Oregon University with an honors degree in linguistics and American Sign Language.  She’s been a reader and a writer nearly all her life, and she loves reading young adult fiction, especially fantasy and LGBTQ+ subgenres.  She self-published her first novel, Pagetown, as her senior project in high school, and is working on her next book.  Her other hobbies include Netflix, drawing, and petting her cat.


Head Janitor

Rob keeps the carpet clean. He never has an unkind word for anyone, maintains a positive attitude even when his batteries are running low, and brightens the mood of the whole office. 

Don't query Rob. He can't read. 

Rob isn't on twitter or Facebook. When he isn't working, he is too busy plotting the robopocalypse to spend time on social media.