Cover Reveal for The Staff of Fire and Bone

It's here! Mikko Azul's epic fantasy, The Staff of Fire and Bone, is now available for pre-order. Check out this beautiful cover!

Front cover of The Staff of Fire and Bone

Front cover of The Staff of Fire and Bone

Here's the back cover of the hardcover edition:

Back cover of The Staff of Fire and Bone (Hardcover)

Back cover of The Staff of Fire and Bone (Hardcover)

Here's the back cover of the trade paperback edition:

Back cover of The Staff of Fire and Bone (Trade Paperback)

Back cover of The Staff of Fire and Bone (Trade Paperback)

Pre-order your copy from your favorite independent bookstore by asking for it at the front counter, or order it from one of these fine online booksellers:

Powell’s HERE


Amazon HERE

Kindle HERE

Mikko Azul’s stunning epic fantasy novel, The Staff of Fire and Bone, will hit shelves on the 30th of January in hardcover, trade paperback, and on Kindle. Azul, a former Marine and mother of three, has been working on the novel since 2005, and she gained renewed inspiration when an earlier version of the manuscript won awards and recognition at the San Francisco Writers Conference. She then signed with Not a Pipe Publishing, a small press in Independence, Oregon and the first publishing company in the United States to announce their acceptance of author Kamila Shamsie’s challenge to make 2018 “The Year of Publishing Women.” Azul’s The Staff of Fire and Bone will be the first of nine novels released by the company in 2018.

The Staff of Fire and Bone is set in Muralia, an elaborate and richly conceived world filled with magic and different factions living in tension. It tells the story of Cédron Varkaras, a young man who is already isolated because he’s the Regent’s son and has a Shäeli demon for a mother. Approaching manhood, his demonic powers manifest, proof of his mother’s legacy. Cédron is blamed for the devastating ground shakes that have begun tearing the world apart and he flees. Hunted by those who would kill him and others who want to exploit his powers, he races against time to find the real cause of the destruction. With little hope of redeeming himself or saving his world, Cédron must choose: become the hero that destiny has conspired to make him or join with the great demon and embrace his true heritage.

The early critical reception has been effusive. Karen Eisenbrey, author of The Gospel According to St. Rage and the forthcoming Daughter of Magic, writes, "The Staff of Fire and Bone is a thrilling tale of a misfit with a destiny to save the world of Muralia - and the power to destroy it. Like the best fantasy settings, Muralia feels both familiar and deeply strange. And the staff of the title? The most shocking and beautiful magical object I have encountered in 40+ years as a fantasy reader."

After so many years of toil to bring this world to readers, Azul has learned a lot about persevering through adversity and overcoming self-doubt. “My advice to aspiring authors is to follow your bliss,” she says, “to find bliss in your writing and your life, and to not worry about anyone’s definition of success. Relax and take the ride!”

Jason Brick on How to Write Query Letters

Jason Brick, your writing sensei

Jason Brick, your writing sensei

Not a Pipe Publishing's own Jason Brick, author of Wrestling Demons) has written a great guide to writing query letters. We're not open to submissions right now (Bonus hint: Sending query letters to agents and publishers who are not accepting them does NOT make you look like a go-getter. It makes you look unprofessional. We close submissions because we're focused on the authors we've already signed, and you should want to find a place that will prioritize you once they've signed you, so honor that). However, when we do open back up, please take Jason's advice. Our only other Not-a-Pipe-specific-addition: When Jason says, "Talk about things they’ve published that you read and loved (especially if they dovetail with your project)," this is particularly important to a small press. If you haven't read any of our books, that tells us you probably won't once we sign you, and that means you won't be able to blurb them, review them, tweet about them, or generally be a good team player. We're building a family of great authors, and we're picky about who gets adopted, so referencing our books tells us you'll take your turns doing the dishes and mowing the lawn in this family. 

Check out Jason's very practical advice, complete with templates, HERE.

SuperGuy Podcast is Here!

The hilarious superhero novel SuperGuy by Kurt Clopton is now being released as a podacst in the run-up to the relase of the audiobook, and the first episode has just dropped. Ruby Faux, of Faux Fiction Audio, has produced this wonderful show with a complete cast of talented voice actors and high quality post production to give the show and the forthcoming audiobook the complete audio experience. Check out the first episode!




And be sure to check out these interviews with author Kurt Clopton about the novel, the audiobook, and more!


Fat Packs Podcast: 9 - 28 The One With SuperGuy Author Kurt Clopton

Welcome Sydney Culpepper to the Not a Pipe Family!

Welcome Sydney Culpepper, our newest Assistant Editor and Assistant Marketing Director , to the Not a Pipe Publishing family.

Sydney Culpepper.JPG

Sydney hails from Klamath Falls, OR, and is a recent graduate of Western Oregon University with an honors degree in linguistics and American Sign Language.  She’s been a reader and a writer nearly all her life, and she loves reading young adult fiction, especially fantasy and LGBTQ+ subgenres.  She self-published her first novel, Pagetown, as her senior project in high school, and is working on her next book.  Her other hobbies include Netflix, drawing, and petting her cat.

Not a Pipe Publishing's Summer Kindle Book Giveaway!

As we gear up for The Year of Publishing Women and the seven (yes, seven!) new novels we’ll release from five new, amazing novelists, we want to celebrate the books we’ve released during 2017. We’re going to give away four free Kindle copies of our books (in honor of the four new books we released in 2017) to the people who want them the most.


How do you tell us you want one of them the most? It’s totally free and easy. Just choose the link below, quote-tweet on Twitter or re-post on Facebook, and add the right hashtag. Then we’ll search the hashtags and randomly select four winners. The more you tweet or post, the more chances you have to win!

We'll announce your winning on Twitter and Facebook, then send you a copy of the Kindle edition for your phone or tablet. It's that easy!

For Going Green by Heather S. Ransom, quote-tweet or share the link to the Kindle edition and add:

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I want to read #CorporateHighSchool


For The Sum of Our Gods by Benjamin Gorman:

I want to read #TheSumOfOurGods

A Night at the Museum with Heather S. Ransom, Author of Going Green

On the evening of June 16th, the Museum of Art in Grants Pass, Oregon, experienced its own night of wonder and magic. Three young adults participated in a live art performance, bringing to life a chapter from Heather S. Ransom's YA novel GOING GREEN. Looking 120 years into the future, museum guests watched a trio, two cellists and a violinist, who had been genetically modified with chloroplasts engineered for humans, play beautiful music for all to enjoy. Portraying classmates of the novel's hero, Calyssa Brentwood, the musicians depicted members of the symphony orchestra at SciCity's high school. The three played, unaware of the increasing rebel attacks happening around the city. Interested? Want to know what happens in the story? Check out to discover more about this exciting new novel!

The event showcased local authors and illustrators who spent the evening entertaining the public and reading from their published works at the beautiful Grants Pass Museum of Art. Authors sold and signed their books for adults, young adults, & children.

Ransom would like to give a huge "thank you" to an incredible artist, Leslie Macpherson, for helping the trio "go green," and also to the Authors Innovative Marketing group for making this opportunity happen!

A second event and performance will take on Saturday, June 24th, from 1-4pm. Don't miss out on another opportunity as GOING GREEN once again comes alive!

Not a Pipe Signs its First Three Book Deal: Welcome LeeAnn Elwood McLennan to the Not a Pipe Family

Not a Pipe Publishing is excited to announce that we have signed the talented LeeAnn Elwood McLennan to a three book deal! The whole trilogy is scheduled to be released in spring, summer, and fall of 2018. This as-of-yet-unnamed YA superhero trilogy is so fun and so gripping that we know readers won't want to wait long for the next installment. 

LeeAnn Elwood McLennan is a perfect fit for Not a Pipe Publishing. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, she was always looking for any opportunity to read – under the covers in bed, in the car, and in class using the book-hidden-in-the-textbook trick. When her father introduced her to sci-fi/fantasy through a book of short stories from Astounding Stories, the possibilities in every word captivated her interest, and her daydreams involved other worlds, magical powers and time travel. Stories permeate her life from her multiple Alice in Wonderland tattoos to the names of her cats (Atticus, Boo Radley, and Finch).  

Though she graduated from Clemson University with a degree in English, LeeAnn has spent her career working in computer engineering related fields. LeeAnn lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Andy, and three cats (number of cats subject to change). Visit her at, follow her on Facebook @lemwrites, Twitter @atticusmcl, and Instagram @atticusmcl.


When I read the following piece, I immediately got in touch with the author, Nicola Griffith. She generously allowed me to republish the first half of it here. It illustrates precisely why Not a Pipe Publishing accepted Kamila Shamsie's challenge to make 2018 The Year of Publishing Women, and why it's a shame that more publishing houses won't make the same commitment. Of course, when margins are thin, publishing companies aren't going to leave money on the table. But it's just that attitude - that male authors or books about male protagonists are more likely to get reviews, win awards, and sell books - which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is no easy fix to the challenge of representation. A book is not inherently more worthy because it's been written by a woman or a person of color or a person with a disability or a person who is LGBTQA or a person who is a migrant or a religious minority. Some are worse than books written by boring old cis straight white guys like me, and a lot are better. But the whole multiverse of our stories is a shallow and stagnant puddle if it is not constantly replenished with the ocean of stories all of us can bring to it. Thanks to Nicola Griffith for running the numbers to illustrate that we still have a long way to go when it comes to recognizing women's voices when we decide which books are most praise-worthy. Next year, Not a Pipe Publishing will be releasing six or seven titles (a significant undertaking for a company our size). Our male authors, Kurt Clopton, Jason Brick, and I will be working on our own projects for 2019. 2018 belongs to our female authors, to Mikko Azul and Sang Kromah and M.K. Martin and Heather S. Ransom and more (announcements to come!), and I'm bouncing up and down in my chair just thinking about the about the quality of the stories they will be sharing with the world. -Benjamin Gorman]



by Nicola Griffith

When women win literary awards for fiction it’s usually for writing from a male perspective and/or about men. The more prestigious the award, the more likely the subject of the narrative will be male.

I analysed the last 15 years’ results for half a dozen book-length fiction awards: Pulitzer Prize, Man Booker Prize, National Book Award, National Book Critics’ Circle Award, Hugo Award, and Newbery Medal.

* Note: the headline to this graph is wrong. It should read 2000-2014. When I have time I’ll redo the graph and/or amend the headline. Meanwhile, thanks to Liza.

At the top of the prestige ladder, for the Pulitzer Prize women wrote zero out of 15 prize-winning books wholly from the point of view 2 of a woman or girl. Zero. For the prize that recognizes “the most distinguished fiction by an American author,” not a single book-length work from a woman’s perspective or about a woman was considered worthy. Women aren’t interesting, this result says. Women don’t count..

[Read the rest here.]


Welcome Brionna Poppitz to the Not a Pipe Family!

We're excited to welcome a second Assistant Submissions Editor and Assistant Marketing Director, Brionna Poppitz!

Brionna first fell in love with books as a child, when her aunt Diana gave her The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett for Christmas. From then, on, her days and summers were filled with stories and adventures, but she never thought much of it until she took a Language and Composition class during her junior year of high school. Learning how to analyse texts in new ways opened up a whole world of meaning and depth that she had never experienced before. These days, she is just a few short weeks away from graduating from Oregon State University with a degree in English and a minor in Writing. She loves reading anything, from the rawest of creative nonfiction to the wildest landscapes of science fiction and fantasy. In the future, she hopes to help others polish and perfect their writing as a copy editor, while she spends her free time writing her own stories.

Follow her on twitter @trpoppinfresh

Cover Reveal for The Digital Storm

Okay, it's time. ...Well, it's almost time. Let's stall just a minute longer to build even more tension, because this is so cool, you're going to want to wait. And while you're waiting, let's reflect on what an exciting time this has been for Not a Pipe Publishing. Two weeks ago, Heather S. Ransom's Going Green started hitting store shelves. Then Kurt Clopton's SuperGuy became available for pre-order (get yours now!), and it will drop on April 11th. And then, on the 25th, you'll be able to pre-order Benjamin Gorman's The Digital Storm, the novel that started as a podcast which started as a play by William Shakespeare. 

Well, now we have the cover by artist K Loveless. Check it out!

Pretty freaking awesome, eh?


Now, here's the back cover and spine. This could still change slightly, so if you have any suggestions (or catch any errors) comment below or forever hold your peace!

Welcome Madeleine Hannah to Not a Pipe Publishing

Not a Pipe Publishing is excited to announce the arrival of the newest member of the team, Madeleine Hannah. Madeleine is a student at Western Oregon University, and she's starting her career in the publishing industry as our Assistant Submissions Editor and Assistant Marketing Director. 

Madeleine learned to read when she was a toddler and hasn't really stopped since. As a child, she used to annoy her mom by begging for new books and then finishing them on the way home from the bookstore. Now, she frequently spends inordinate amounts of time and money at local used book shops. She enjoys nearly all genres, especially fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery stories like the ones she read as a child. 

When not nose-deep in a book, Madeleine likes hiking, taking road trips, and generally exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest. Originally from Georgia, Madeleine has declared Oregon her favorite state and intends to stick around.

Please welcome her to the team; when we re-open submissions later this year, she may be the one reading your manuscript!

Jason Brick: Remember the Tooth Fairy?

We were all born without teeth. We didn’t need them, and wouldn’t have asked for them if we knew how. Nobody had told us about fresh corn on the cob yet, so we were happy with breast milk.

Eventually, we got teeth through no fault of our own. A few years later, we lost those teeth. We lost most of them because in life you lose those teeth, a few from accidents or a playground fight.

Whenever we lost a tooth, the Tooth Fairy gave us a gift.

It’s the same with the fuck fairy.

We’re all born without fucks. Just look at a baby — that little bundle of joy gives exactly zero fucks. He’ll cry in front of everybody at the mall, and sit for hours in his own shit. Zero fucks.

As you grew up, though, you got a whole bunch of fucks. Your parents started making you give a fuck about rules. Your classmates made you give a fuck about your looks. Later, dating and work supplied a cornucopia of fucks to give about shit that doesn’t really matter.

But here’s the great part.

You can lose those fucks. Some of them you lose because as we grow up our priorities change. Others we lose as we become more confident with ourselves, or from the accidents and struggles that define us as we grow..

When you lose those fucks, thus reducing your total number of fucks given, the fuck fairy comes and gives you gifts.

She gives you the gifts of focus, motivation and clarity. She grants you the gifts of confidence, moxie and chutzpah. When you waste your energy giving fucks about things that aren’t worth a fuck, it saps your strength and fills you with doubt. When you lack spare fucks to give to anything but the most important things in your life, you can give those few remaining fucks the attention they deserve.

Enterprising people can also become enterprising about losing their fucks. You can cultivate an internal culture of giving a fuck about only the things that really deserve your time, energy and attention. For some folks, that happens when other priorities eclipse the little things. Others create this through martial arts training, or dance, or music. For others it's just an organic result of a life well considered and lived. 

Whatever your process for losing fucks has to be, make that process part of your life. Identify what matters most to you and yours, then give all of your fucks to them. Extraneous fucks you can shove under a pillow and smother to death.

You don’t need them anymore.


Jason Brick's novel Wrestling Demons will be available via Not a Pipe Publishing in the spring of 2017. If you'd like more of Jason's writing, get into his Shorts (the short essays he emails out once a week) by signing up HERE

Remember Boromir? Life Advice from Jason Brick

Remember Boromir?

If you don't, he's this guy:

In The Lord of the Rings, Boromir was one of the warriors responsible for taking the ring to Mordor. Along the way, he fights ferociously with a bunch of arrows in him to protect people he loves. The scene in the movie version is the definition of making a desperate effort.

In Forrest E. Morgan's Living the Martial Way, he makes a point about combat and real life. I want to share that point today. It goes like this.

  1. If you were fighting for your life, you would make a desperate effort. Everything you had, you'd put into it. Every last thing.

  2. That thing you really want to do, the thing that would make a positive change for you: You don't make a desperate effort for that.

  3. But you should.

  4. Because you're still fighting for your life. Not your ability to breathe, but the life you want to live.

  5. So go make a desperate effort to make that thing happen.

It's a way to look at things I hadn't considered, but it made sense immediately to me. Want that book deal? Your relationship to work out? That promotion? Your kids to do well in school? The respect of your mentors and peers?

Go after it like Boromir.

With three arrows in your chest, get the hell up and keep moving forward. Make a desperate effort.

It's your life you're fighting for after all.


-Jason Brick is the author of Wrestling Demons: The Bushido Chronicles, coming out in the spring of 2017 from Not a Pipe Publishing. Find out more about him HERE.

Art Contest for The Digital Storm

Announcing The Digital Storm Art Contest

Media: pencil, charcoal, ink, paint (water color or oil), mixed media, digital art, submitted as high res digital images

Prize: $50

Entry Fee: $0 and .00 cents

Contest closes at midnight, Friday, December 16th.

You can certainly do better than Benjamin Gorman's amateur attempt to depict the computer virus Caliban. 

You can certainly do better than Benjamin Gorman's amateur attempt to depict the computer virus Caliban. 

Benjamin Gorman (author of Corporate High School and The Sum of Our Gods) has been releasing his next novel, The Digital Storm, as a free podcast. Not a Pipe Publishing plans to publish the text of the serial audio drama as a novel this coming spring, and we'd like to augment the text with lots of artwork. The podcast retells the story of Shakespeare's The Tempest, but it's set in a science fiction universe where many of the characters are artificial intelligence programs, and the island of Shakespeare's Prospero is now a digital environment where the AI Prosper has been exiled. Entrants can listen to all the episodes here:

Not a Pipe Publishing is now holding a contest to encourage artists to submit their visions of the characters and settings described in The Digital Storm. Many entrants my find their work receiving recognition by being published in the print novel and in the eBook edition. All artists will be credited in both editions and on the website, so this is a great way to add a line to an artist's résumé. To sweeten the pot, the winning piece will earn $50 and recognition as the 1st place winner.

Because the show is a free podcast, artists can download it and listen to it without investing any money, and if they are interested, they can submit their visions of the characters and setting described in the show. Entries should be captured as high resolution digital images and emailed to with the subject line "Digital Storm Art Contest Entry" and the artist's name. All artists who provide works that are selected to be included will be contacted so they can be credited properly, and the first place winner will be announced on Monday, December 19th.

We are looking for artwork that can appear throughout the book, so depictions of any of the characters or settings would be appreciated. You work could even appear on the novel's cover!

We're very excited to see what you'll come up with!


Term and Conditions

*All images submitted to the contest must be original works. By entering, the submitting artist attests that no other artist can claim the copyright, in part or whole, over the work submitted. By submitting the work, the artist gives permission to Not a Pipe Publishing to use the submitted digital version in the published editions of The Digital Storm and for any marketing purposes Not a Pipe Publishing deems fitting, though the artist will always be credited when the work is used.

**The prize money can be distributed via PayPal or a mailed check at the discretion of the winning artist. Not a Pipe Publishing reserves the right to cancel the contest and/or forfeit the prize if there are insufficient entries as determined by Not a Pipe Publishing. Judging of the winning entry will be carried out by Not a Pipe Publishing and the decision is not subject to appeal or review.  

Our Mission Statement

At Not a Pipe Publishing, we strive to leverage visionary thought leaders, gurus, and creatives in order to onboard them through our meta strategy to make them the influencers who can disrupt industry norms through outside-the-box thinking and be the game changers who produce the paradigm shifts that provide us with directionally accurate organic growth from the pre-revenue stage through cooption within the industry all the way to the synergy phase with our strategic partners.


Just kidding.

We want to get our authors’ great books in front of readers’ eyeballs.



Taking a Little Break from Submissions

Too much good stuff!

We're going to have to take a short break from accepting submissions because we've received so many excellent ones to consider. Unless we asked you to send us your query, please give us a little time to catch up, and come back to see when we're opening up the mailbox again. Follow us @notapipepub or on Facebook (here) to stay up-to-date regarding our availability! 

Not a Pipe Publishing Signs Author Sang Kromah

Not a Pipe Publishing is excited to announce that we've signed author Sang Kromah's forthcoming YA novel The Book of the Concealed, which will be available fall of this year.

Author Sang Kromah

Author Sang Kromah

Sang Kromah was born in Philadelphia, PA and grew up in the sleepy suburb of Sykesville, Maryland, the setting of her debut novel. As a child, Kromah would sit in the living room with her brother and listen to her parents recount the fairy tales of their native land of Liberia, absorbing in the words and pictures. Born a storyteller, Kromah would run away with the tales, creating her own versions of the stories for her younger brother.

While her peers were playing Super Nintendo, she was busy being "Harriet the Spy". She was first introduced to the book in the second grade, and from then on, it was her Holy Grail. She would spy on her family and neighbors, writing the things she had observed in her leather-bound journal; making comments, and notes on the subtle things they did that no one else would notice. She had the ability to pinpoint quirks that made them stand out; those little character traits that set them apart from others. And from her notes, many of her stories were born.

Some people experience fulfillment singularly through their own personal growth, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But for Sang, fulfillment is achieved when the playing field is leveled by providing opportunities for growth for the underdogs or those who are, often times, forgotten. She works as a communications specialist and Executive Director of Resources and Outreach of Liberia (ROL), a registered US-based nonprofit organization that bridges the gap between Liberia's under-resourced education and health sectors by creating sustainable opportunities. For the last four years, she’s divided her time between New York, Baltimore, and Monrovia, Liberia, spearheading projects like Project READ (Restoration Education And Development), an initiative with a goal of creating safe places in Liberia for girls. These will be places that employ girls with growth and leadership opportunities. Project READ’s first project is to open a girls' drop-in center and a public library.

Project READ has acquired well over 40,000 books for their library so far, was featured in The Huffington Post, their progress was featured on Baltimore's ABC2 News in December 2015, is a recent grantee of a seed grant from The Pollination Project, and a recent grantee of 4imprint’s Onebyone Products Grant. Project READ is fighting to end the epidemic of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against girls in Liberia by turning victims into survivors and implementing programs that will help prevent the victimization of at-risk girls. Through a full library of books, one on one counseling, arts programs, weekly group discussions and activities, daily tutoring, career training, community outreach projects, and a place to stay during times of emergencies, Project READ will give girls wings to soar. Last year, Kromah also launched a global social change initiative, Project GirlSpire, with a mission of passing on empowerment from girl to girl, nation to nation. Project GirlSpire is putting together an anthology of short stories written by women and girls to inspire girls globally.


The 2nd Edition of Corporate High School Is Now Available!

Not a Pipe Publishing is excited to announce the release of the second edition of the best selling YA novel Corporate High School. Here is the press release that went out to various newspapers in Florida, home of the cover artist Anna Martin:

Check out the cool back cover and get your copy here:

Check out the cool back cover and get your copy here:



April 25, 2016

Artist Wins National Contest to Design New Cover for Novel Corporate High School

St. Augustine, FL – Not a Pipe Publishing, a company in Independence, Oregon, has announced that local artist Anna Martin of St. Augustine has won their contest to create a new cover for the second edition of the novel Corporate High School. It’s now available on Amazon in print and eBook and will be available at Barnes and Noble in print and for Nook soon.

Anna Martin is a digital artist, writer and photographer based out of St Augustine, Florida. She is an avid explorer and much of her artwork is inspired by her travels and life experiences, and she strives to capture emotions and inspire others with her work. Her work has been previously exhibited in various galleries and museums, such as the Rosenberg Gallery, and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Anna also frequently works under the pseudonym Vacantia, and more of her art can be found at

Corporate High School is an Amazon bestselling young-adult novel depicting a dystopian future in which a single corporation has taken over the world by replacing all the schools with its own. The author, Benjamin Gorman, is a high school teacher who wanted to get young people involved in the fight to save their schools from corporate reform efforts. “The original cover showed this very ominous image of a boxy corporate building. I think people could have mistaken the book for a horror novel. Anna Martin’s cover is great because it shows the protagonist, Harriet, or at least her eyes, and Anna laid out the images and title in this very striking way. I think it will grab more readers’ attention and give them a clearer sense of the book’s world.”

In the future, Martin hopes to continue to travel and expand her creativity. She is also looking to continue to do any freelance work and projects with other artists, and volunteer in her city as a photographer or in other artistic endeavors. Martin is also looking to continue to expose her work around the world by participating in exhibits and contributing work to small art magazines.

For more information, contact Not a Pipe Publishing at:

Not a Pipe Publishing

Not a Pipe Publishing endorses A Better Oregon Campaign

Besides trying to be good global citizens by doing things like accepting Kamila Shamsie's challenge to make 2018 The Year of Publishing Women, Not a Pipe Publishing attempts to be a good citizen of our local community, too. (Actually, we don't believe companies are people no matter what the Supreme Court thinks, but Not a Pipe is owned and operated by people who are trying to do right by the world.) In that vein, we've signed on a business sponsor of the A Better Oregon campaign. You can learn all about the campaign here, but the short version is that the coalition is attempting to get an initiative on the ballot to make a slight adjustment to the corporate tax rate so that businesses that make more than $25 million in the state of Oregon will have to pay a small corporate tax on any profits after that initial $25 million dollars. The proceeds will go to help fund needed services like education for Oregon's children and services for the elderly who are living in poverty. It's true that Not a Pipe Publishing won't be hit by this tax. We're not making $25 million anywhere, let alone in the state of Oregon. But if we did, we'd like to think that we would continue to support making our home state the best possible place to live. We encourage everyone to sign the petition to get IP 28 on the ballot for this fall's election and then vote to make this tiny change in the tax law (taking us from the state with the lowest corporate tax rate in the nation all the way up to the fourth or fifth lowest) to improve the lives of millions of Oregonians. 

Oh, and if you think we'd be singing a different tune if we made $25 million in sales in Oregon per year, we encourage you to purchase 20 million copies of our books to really put us to the test!