Cover Reveal for The Digital Storm

Okay, it's time. ...Well, it's almost time. Let's stall just a minute longer to build even more tension, because this is so cool, you're going to want to wait. And while you're waiting, let's reflect on what an exciting time this has been for Not a Pipe Publishing. Two weeks ago, Heather S. Ransom's Going Green started hitting store shelves. Then Kurt Clopton's SuperGuy became available for pre-order (get yours now!), and it will drop on April 11th. And then, on the 25th, you'll be able to pre-order Benjamin Gorman's The Digital Storm, the novel that started as a podcast which started as a play by William Shakespeare. 

Well, now we have the cover by artist K Loveless. Check it out!

Pretty freaking awesome, eh?


Now, here's the back cover and spine. This could still change slightly, so if you have any suggestions (or catch any errors) comment below or forever hold your peace!