Not a Pipe Signs its First Three Book Deal: Welcome LeeAnn Elwood McLennan to the Not a Pipe Family

Not a Pipe Publishing is excited to announce that we have signed the talented LeeAnn Elwood McLennan to a three book deal! The whole trilogy is scheduled to be released in spring, summer, and fall of 2018. This as-of-yet-unnamed YA superhero trilogy is so fun and so gripping that we know readers won't want to wait long for the next installment. 

LeeAnn Elwood McLennan is a perfect fit for Not a Pipe Publishing. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, she was always looking for any opportunity to read – under the covers in bed, in the car, and in class using the book-hidden-in-the-textbook trick. When her father introduced her to sci-fi/fantasy through a book of short stories from Astounding Stories, the possibilities in every word captivated her interest, and her daydreams involved other worlds, magical powers and time travel. Stories permeate her life from her multiple Alice in Wonderland tattoos to the names of her cats (Atticus, Boo Radley, and Finch).  

Though she graduated from Clemson University with a degree in English, LeeAnn has spent her career working in computer engineering related fields. LeeAnn lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Andy, and three cats (number of cats subject to change). Visit her at, follow her on Facebook @lemwrites, Twitter @atticusmcl, and Instagram @atticusmcl.