Daughter of Magic

by Karen Eisenbrey

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cover by Benjamin Gorman

cover by Benjamin Gorman

Luskell has been dreaming about dead people.

Her parents may be the two most powerful wizards in the country, but Luskell doesn't have any magic of her own, so she's stuck spending a summer with her grandmother in the small town of Deep River where her father is the hometown hero. Then the dead start to visit her dreams with mysterious messages. In a secret pact with her friends Jagryn and Laki, Luskell begins to teach herself magic and discovers an apparently bottomless well of untapped power. But before she has control over this ability, her dead grandfather appears with a dire warning. With no way to send word to her parents, Luskell and her friends mount a daring rescue. Can they get to the capital in time to save the country ... and her parents' lives?

“A sweet fantasy with a dash of humor that will appeal to teen readers who like to get lost in new worlds."
-Debby Dodds
author of Amish Guys Don’t Call
"'Tonight we’ll fly and be heroes.' Daughter of Magic is a wonderful tale of power, secret and exposed, set against a rich landscape in a world were the past rises up to overwhelm the present."
 -LeeAnn McLennan,
author of The Supernormal Legacy trilogy
"Daughter of Magic is a fun read and truly a story of transformational coming of age."
-Maren Bradley Anderson 
author of Closing the Store
"Touching, tender, and blazing with brilliance, Daughter of Magic is a coming-of-age story that fans of Carol Berg's The Bridge of D'Arnath series will adore."
-M.K. Martin
author of Survivors' Club
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