M.K. Martin


M.K. Martin is the author of the science fiction action novel The Survivor's Club which will be released by Not a Pipe Publishing in the spring of 2018.

 As a kid growing up in rural Minnesota, M.K. Martin dreamed of exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy, of chatting with dragons, and of fighting zombies. Her wanderlust led her to spend a year as an exchange student in Paraguay and then to join the Army. She was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, where she first got serious about her writing, scribbling away on tiny notepads in the turret of her Humvee. 

M.K. Martin has published a couple of short stories as part of the Veterans' Writing Project and a personal essay in the anthology So Glad They Told Me. In 2015, she received Honorable Mention from The Writers of the Future Q4 contest for her short story "Awakenings", a gender-bending look at the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, set in future Singapore. 

She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her soulmate, their future astronaut daughter, and obligatory evil cat. When not writing, she enjoys tea, video games, and reading (of course!).

Check out M.K. Martin's website HERE.