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Not a Pipe Publishing has committed to make 2018 "The Year of Publishing Women." We're publishing nine novels by seven amazing authors this year. We'd like to help even more authors get their names out there, so we're making this opportunity available. Assuming we get enough submissions, we'll be posting a story to the blog each week and advertising it to help more authors show off their talents. Even more exciting, if we get the kind of response we're expecting, we'll put out an anthology at the end of the year highlighting The Best of The Year of Publishing Women, arranged and edited by our own assistant submission editor Sydney Culpepper.

Deadline for stories to be considered for the anthology: September 15th.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, some clarification: We cannot pay authors for each and every submission that is selected. This effort is designed to help women authors who want to get their names out there. If you want to save your story for a contest or publication where you will be compensated you for your time and talent, we completely understand and wish you the best of luck. We will try to figure out a compensation arrangement for the authors selected to appear in the anthology at the end of the year, but authors submitting here are doing so without the expectation of payment. Authors retain all rights to the work, and we will pull them down immediately if you find another, paying home for a short story, but since many publications and contests require that a story not be previously published, please be aware that by submitting here you are limiting your options with this particular work. The last thing we want is for anyone to feel burned, so please be aware of this going in. 

If you'd still like to submit, just fill out the form below and paste in all the required information.

Submissions can be in any genre. We tend to favor fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal, but we're open to anything written by women. (Sorry, dudes. Maybe next year.) Trans women. Cis women. Gay women. Straight women. Women of color. White women. Women of any religion or no religion. Women of any nationality (stories do have to be in English, though). Women of any age. Your writing deserves to be read, and we want to help! If you have additional questions or information not addressed in the form below, feel free to contact us at

We just got a couple good questions from author Constance Frankland.

Are you limited to one submission? No. You can certainly submit more than one, though I think we'll try to only choose one to spread the wealth as much as possible.

Can you submit a short story that's a portion of a novel? If it's traditionally published, make sure you have the right to do so without violating your contract. Then make it clear in your submission that it's a part of a larger work. Include a link to that book as well. We decided that driving some sales your way is in keeping with the spirit of The Year of Publishing Women. More women's voices, please!


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...I agree to make my story available to Not a Pipe Publishing to publication on their blog. I retain all rights to the story and may request that it be removed via email. I would also like my story to be considered for the Best Of anthology. I understand that Not a Pipe Publishing is not obligated to publish this story on the blog or in the anthology, and that any compensation will be negotiated after selection for the anthology.