Survivors' Club

by M. K. Martin

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Cover by Aaron Smith

Cover by Aaron Smith

Geneticist Marius Tenartier wants to cure humanity’s worst diseases, but Chrysalis Biopharmaceuticals uses his work to mutate people into terrifying abominations. An outbreak threatens the survival of the human race. With the help of the head of security and the CEO’s fearless daughter, Marius races to stop the spreading infection before it becomes a global pandemic.

The world is on the line, and the clock is ticking.


“A fun, fast read. ...thriller, horror, conspiracy and more all rolled into one.”
-Kurt Clopton
author of SuperGuy
"A taut bio-thriller with an ensemble of protagonists so lovable you'll want to take them home … and a threat so dire you'll have nightmares."
-Karen Eisenbrey
author of The Gospel According to St. Rage and the forthcoming Daughter of Magic
“…too plausible for comfort, the monsters much too close to home, and the knowledge that we have the technology to unleash such destruction is enough to leave the reader gasping right up to the very end!”
-Mikko Azul
author of The Staff of Fire and Bone
“Filled with the shrieks, howls, moans, and wordless mumbles of the Infected, Survivors’ Club uncovers malevolent plans and subversive twists that lead us down a path littered with corpses, staggering toward an approaching doom. Get ready, because once you pick this novel up, you won’t be able to put it down!”
-Heather S. Ransom
author of Going Green and the forthcoming Greener
"I loved the intelligent science fiction virology throughout Survivors' Club. It adds a realistic and believable flare to this compelling narrative."
-author Andrew Thomson
"After reading The Survivor's Club, I felt as if I'd barely survived, myself. Creatures, espionage and enough science to have me checking the closets before bed. M.K.Martin's thrilling novel stands up beside Jurassic Park, and Dr. Marius Tenartier may be the next iconic Dr. Ian Malcolm."
-Micayla Lally,
author of A Work Of Art
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