The Sum of Our Gods

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Joe has been cursed. He must meet with Yahweh, the Creator, once a week for coffee and listen to God complain. Yahweh is a crotchety old deity with a pantheon of family problems. His wife, Frigga, has basically stopped talking to Him, except to keep nagging Him about retiring. His son, Jesus, suffers from crippling depression.  Jesus’ estranged wife is plotting a terrorist attack to try to start a holy war. God is fed up with all the drama. He’s perfectly tired and infinitely irritable.

Though God doesn’t seem to care about human problems, Joe’s little, mortal life isn’t perfect, either. In fact, it’s a comedy as black as God’s coffee.

“…what’s really great about this book is that behind the silliness and absurdity are issues that are real and hard-hitting.”

— Markus Indie Book Reviews


“From the moment God, sitting in a diner, hears Joan Osborne’s ‘What If God Was One of Us?’ and says, ‘I hate this fucking song,’ the reader knows this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill book. Sum is a funny, funny, funny, fast-paced and insightful commentary on religion, social mores and, most importantly, human relations. Even God has marital problems. ...To top it off, the voice is spot-on. Funny, knowing and sarcastic."

— Writer's Digest 
Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


“This was hysterical. …Such irreverence. I could get behind gods like these. …Verily, you made me laugh. All hail Ixtab. (You can’t be too careful, right?)”

— Cass McMain
author of Sunflower


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