The Supernormal Legacy

Book 2: Root

by LeeAnn McLennan

Cover art by  Randy Kintz

Cover art by Randy Kintz

It’s been four months since Olivia Woodson Brighthall accepted her supernormal heritage, four months since Emma went evil, four months since Ben went to prison. Now Olivia spends her days balancing supernormal life – training, hunting, and improving her powers – with normal life – school, family time with Dad, and hiding her secret from her friends.

When Portland is flooded with more supernormal beasts than ever before, a warning from one monster suggests someone is coordinating the attacks. But who?

And then Olivia starts seeing visions…

"An action-packed super-sequel that can't stay out of trouble!”

-Karen Eisenbrey, author of Daughter of Magic

“Root is a fast-paced adrenaline ride through the intricately twisted and shadowed world of the supernormals!”

-Mikko Azul, author of The Staff of Fire and Bone

“I loved Book 1: DormantBook 2: Root is even better. I can’t imagine how amazing Book 3 is going to be – and imagining is my superpower!”

-Benjamin Gorman, author of Corporate High School and The Digital Storm

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