Not a Pipe Publishing endorses A Better Oregon Campaign

Besides trying to be good global citizens by doing things like accepting Kamila Shamsie's challenge to make 2018 The Year of Publishing Women, Not a Pipe Publishing attempts to be a good citizen of our local community, too. (Actually, we don't believe companies are people no matter what the Supreme Court thinks, but Not a Pipe is owned and operated by people who are trying to do right by the world.) In that vein, we've signed on a business sponsor of the A Better Oregon campaign. You can learn all about the campaign here, but the short version is that the coalition is attempting to get an initiative on the ballot to make a slight adjustment to the corporate tax rate so that businesses that make more than $25 million in the state of Oregon will have to pay a small corporate tax on any profits after that initial $25 million dollars. The proceeds will go to help fund needed services like education for Oregon's children and services for the elderly who are living in poverty. It's true that Not a Pipe Publishing won't be hit by this tax. We're not making $25 million anywhere, let alone in the state of Oregon. But if we did, we'd like to think that we would continue to support making our home state the best possible place to live. We encourage everyone to sign the petition to get IP 28 on the ballot for this fall's election and then vote to make this tiny change in the tax law (taking us from the state with the lowest corporate tax rate in the nation all the way up to the fourth or fifth lowest) to improve the lives of millions of Oregonians. 

Oh, and if you think we'd be singing a different tune if we made $25 million in sales in Oregon per year, we encourage you to purchase 20 million copies of our books to really put us to the test!