The 2nd Edition of Corporate High School Is Now Available!

Not a Pipe Publishing is excited to announce the release of the second edition of the best selling YA novel Corporate High School. Here is the press release that went out to various newspapers in Florida, home of the cover artist Anna Martin:

Check out the cool back cover and get your copy here:

Check out the cool back cover and get your copy here:



April 25, 2016

Artist Wins National Contest to Design New Cover for Novel Corporate High School

St. Augustine, FL – Not a Pipe Publishing, a company in Independence, Oregon, has announced that local artist Anna Martin of St. Augustine has won their contest to create a new cover for the second edition of the novel Corporate High School. It’s now available on Amazon in print and eBook and will be available at Barnes and Noble in print and for Nook soon.

Anna Martin is a digital artist, writer and photographer based out of St Augustine, Florida. She is an avid explorer and much of her artwork is inspired by her travels and life experiences, and she strives to capture emotions and inspire others with her work. Her work has been previously exhibited in various galleries and museums, such as the Rosenberg Gallery, and the Baltimore Museum of Art. Anna also frequently works under the pseudonym Vacantia, and more of her art can be found at

Corporate High School is an Amazon bestselling young-adult novel depicting a dystopian future in which a single corporation has taken over the world by replacing all the schools with its own. The author, Benjamin Gorman, is a high school teacher who wanted to get young people involved in the fight to save their schools from corporate reform efforts. “The original cover showed this very ominous image of a boxy corporate building. I think people could have mistaken the book for a horror novel. Anna Martin’s cover is great because it shows the protagonist, Harriet, or at least her eyes, and Anna laid out the images and title in this very striking way. I think it will grab more readers’ attention and give them a clearer sense of the book’s world.”

In the future, Martin hopes to continue to travel and expand her creativity. She is also looking to continue to do any freelance work and projects with other artists, and volunteer in her city as a photographer or in other artistic endeavors. Martin is also looking to continue to expose her work around the world by participating in exhibits and contributing work to small art magazines.

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