Not a Pipe Publishing's Summer Kindle Book Giveaway!

As we gear up for The Year of Publishing Women and the seven (yes, seven!) new novels we’ll release from five new, amazing novelists, we want to celebrate the books we’ve released during 2017. We’re going to give away four free Kindle copies of our books (in honor of the four new books we released in 2017) to the people who want them the most.


How do you tell us you want one of them the most? It’s totally free and easy. Just choose the link below, quote-tweet on Twitter or re-post on Facebook, and add the right hashtag. Then we’ll search the hashtags and randomly select four winners. The more you tweet or post, the more chances you have to win!

We'll announce your winning on Twitter and Facebook, then send you a copy of the Kindle edition for your phone or tablet. It's that easy!

For Going Green by Heather S. Ransom, quote-tweet or share the link to the Kindle edition and add:

I want to read #GoingGreen


For SuperGuy by Kurt Clopton, add:

I want to read #SuperGuy


For The Digital Storm by Benjamin Gorman, add:

I want to read #TheDigitalStorm


For Wrestling Demons by Jason Brick, add:

I want to read #WrestlingDemons


For Corporate High School by Benjamin Gorman:

I want to read #CorporateHighSchool


For The Sum of Our Gods by Benjamin Gorman:

I want to read #TheSumOfOurGods