Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Announcement for LeeAnn McLennan's Emerge, the third installment in The Supernormal Legacy Trilogy!

It’s here! LeeAnn McLennan’s The Supernormal Legacy, Book III: Emerge is available for pre-order today! Check out this fantastic cover by Randy Kintz (ink) and Marcus Odoms (color):

Emerge eBook Cover edit 1.jpg

She has badass, monster-fighting superpowers. They may be the death of her.

When Olivia Woodson Brighthall set out to rescue Benjamin Hallowfield, she didn’t expect to get herself and her friends captured. She wakes up in the worst place imaginable, the lair of Mountain of Ash, where her traitorous cousin Emma introduces Olivia to the terrorist group’s leader, Isaac Milton. When Isaac can’t persuade Olivia to join Mountain of Ash, he discloses a plan to use her powers against her will to further his evil plan to destroy all normals.

Can Olivia emerge from her captivity, rescue her friends and Ben, and stop Mountain of Ash? Or will she be trapped in a nightmare of Isaac’s making?

Emerge opens in suspense and peril and never lets up. A thrilling and shocking conclusion to The Supernormal Legacy trilogy.”

-Karen Eisenbrey, author of Daughter of Magic


"Every comic book fan knows the eager anticipation for the next issue that will contain the superhero battle royale. McLennan delivers; Emerge has got everything you’re hoping for and more!”

-Benjamin Gorman, author of Corporate High School


“The epic finale to this superhero trilogy will leave you on the edge of your seat! LeeAnn McLennan shows us the true power of these heroes in the final chapter of The Supernormal Legacy.”

-Kate Ristau, author of Shadow Girl


Emerge is an explosive, fast-paced finale filled with terrifying creatures and the horror of torture and betrayal. I was blown away by the resolution that left me pondering the possibilities of ‘what if?’”

-Mikko Azul, author of The Staff of Fire and Bone


“Compelling, addictive, nerve-wracking, yet irresistibly fun … McLennan has created a fantastic closing for her trilogy and an absolute must-read for teens, reminding us all of the importance of family, the value of true friendship, and the power to be found when you believe in yourself!”

-Heather S. Ransom, author of Going Green

Pre-order your copy today!

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