Tonya Lippert reads from "Misreadings" from STRONGLY WORDED WOMEN

Tonya Lippert reads from "Misreadings" from Strongly Worded Women: The Best of The Year of Publishing Women, an Anthology. The reading was held at Broadway Books in Portland, Oregon on 2/12/19.

Strongly Worded Women: Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Announcement

It’s here! The cover reveal for Strongly Worded Women: The Best of the Year of Publishing Women: An Anthology:

Cover by Sydney Culpepper

Cover by Sydney Culpepper

Back in 2015, Not a Pipe Publishing announced we were accepting author Kamila Shamsie’s challenge to the publishing industry to only publish women authors in 2018. Now, after publishing eight novels by seven authors, they are capping off their Year of Publishing Women with an anthology of 18 short stories by women authors from across the country.

The anthology will be available online and in bookstores on November 20th so it can be available for Black Friday shoppers, but you can pre-order it now to make sure you get your copy!


Hardcover: HERE

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Inclusion in the anthology has meant a lot to the writers. Tonya Lippert, author of “Misreadings,” says, “It means joining a community of writers. I feel joined to Not a PIpe Publishing and the other writers whose work will be part of the anthology. We all will be working to spread the word and get the collection of stories to readers. Our lives are now intertwined.” Taylor Buccello, author of “The Becoming,” says, "Ever since I was little, I've loved writing and dreamed of having my work published. It still feels surreal to be getting this opportunity, but I'm so glad to be part it (and to be alongside some amazing women, at that) and to have a taste at the published world." Laura Hazan, author of “The Breakout,” concurs. “Having this story published in the Year of Publishing Women anthology is like a crowning - I've finally made it, despite the critics, including the one in my own head.” Rosie Bueford, author of “Woman by the Window,” sees it as a part of something larger: “I have long admired the work and social activism/awareness of Not A Pipe Publishing company and its founders. To be included in this project has been equally humbling and inspiring. As a woman and a social work student, I am honored to be a part of a literary project designed to empower women in the industry and in our country during such a tumultuous time. ... I feel this project has done a beautiful thing to bring about mindful awareness of what is happening within ourselves and all around us.”

Heather S. Ransom, author of “Eyes” and the novels Going Green and Greener, thinks of this anthology as a mechanism to mentor young women. “Today, more than ever, girls desperate to find their place in a society constantly changing around them need a wide variety of incredible females as role models. Strong, confident, inspiring women to show them that their future can be anything they choose, if they are willing to work for it. … I believe that young women today need strong female voices to guide them on their journey not only of survival but of self-discovery, appreciation, acceptance, and love.” For Lizzy Carney, author of “Mother Nature … Mother Nurture,” it’s far more personal. “Love for my mom is etched in my heart…putting words on a page was an action of describing that love. Just when I thought I would give up my pen for knitting needles, the opportunity of submitting Mother Nature Mother Nurture was literally handed to me. On a whim. I pushed send. Ma was a woman of grit and grace.  She loved to read and pitied those without an imagination. Having a piece of her story included in the Year of Publishing Women Short Story Anthology surrounded by stories written by women is incredible. Ma would be happy surrounded by creative women’s words. She made me promise I would keep writing. I will forget about knitting and keep my promise. Being included in this project, and having my story of Ma and her journey with Alzheimer’s published, is an amazing honor.”

LeeAnn Mclennan, author of “Zombie Apocalypse Rescue Agency” and The Supernormal Legacy trilogy, says, “I’m honored to be a part of Not a Pipe’s Year of Publishing Women short story project. The project celebrates women authors crafting the stories they want to write about the world they inhabit. It’s our chance provide even more evidence of the quality of writing women bring to the page. “ Karen Eisenbrey, author of “Crane’s Fire” and the novels Daughter of Magic and The Gospel According to St. Rage, shares McLennan’s view about quality and also highlights the community building. "The Year of Publishing Women has released a wide variety of great novels and short stories into the world, but it has been about so much more than that: it has brought together authors to learn from and support each other, and to amplify each other's voices." Maren Anderson, author of “Getting Pregnant on the Back of a Motorcycle” and the novels Closing the Store and Fuzzy Logic, agrees. “It's awesome to be bound together (literally) with so many talented women.”

We’re having a launch party at Another Read Through in Portland on November 30th from 7:00 to 8:00. Come hear many of these talented authors read from their stories, and get your copy signed.

Art Contest for The Digital Storm

Announcing The Digital Storm Art Contest

Media: pencil, charcoal, ink, paint (water color or oil), mixed media, digital art, submitted as high res digital images

Prize: $50

Entry Fee: $0 and .00 cents

Contest closes at midnight, Friday, December 16th.

You can certainly do better than Benjamin Gorman's amateur attempt to depict the computer virus Caliban. 

You can certainly do better than Benjamin Gorman's amateur attempt to depict the computer virus Caliban. 

Benjamin Gorman (author of Corporate High School and The Sum of Our Gods) has been releasing his next novel, The Digital Storm, as a free podcast. Not a Pipe Publishing plans to publish the text of the serial audio drama as a novel this coming spring, and we'd like to augment the text with lots of artwork. The podcast retells the story of Shakespeare's The Tempest, but it's set in a science fiction universe where many of the characters are artificial intelligence programs, and the island of Shakespeare's Prospero is now a digital environment where the AI Prosper has been exiled. Entrants can listen to all the episodes here:

Not a Pipe Publishing is now holding a contest to encourage artists to submit their visions of the characters and settings described in The Digital Storm. Many entrants my find their work receiving recognition by being published in the print novel and in the eBook edition. All artists will be credited in both editions and on the website, so this is a great way to add a line to an artist's résumé. To sweeten the pot, the winning piece will earn $50 and recognition as the 1st place winner.

Because the show is a free podcast, artists can download it and listen to it without investing any money, and if they are interested, they can submit their visions of the characters and setting described in the show. Entries should be captured as high resolution digital images and emailed to with the subject line "Digital Storm Art Contest Entry" and the artist's name. All artists who provide works that are selected to be included will be contacted so they can be credited properly, and the first place winner will be announced on Monday, December 19th.

We are looking for artwork that can appear throughout the book, so depictions of any of the characters or settings would be appreciated. You work could even appear on the novel's cover!

We're very excited to see what you'll come up with!


Term and Conditions

*All images submitted to the contest must be original works. By entering, the submitting artist attests that no other artist can claim the copyright, in part or whole, over the work submitted. By submitting the work, the artist gives permission to Not a Pipe Publishing to use the submitted digital version in the published editions of The Digital Storm and for any marketing purposes Not a Pipe Publishing deems fitting, though the artist will always be credited when the work is used.

**The prize money can be distributed via PayPal or a mailed check at the discretion of the winning artist. Not a Pipe Publishing reserves the right to cancel the contest and/or forfeit the prize if there are insufficient entries as determined by Not a Pipe Publishing. Judging of the winning entry will be carried out by Not a Pipe Publishing and the decision is not subject to appeal or review.